after a long afternoon in sai kung, we passed the back door of a restaurant where a man was washing waiter’s shirts. he’d hung the first one out to dry on a rail where it twisted in a cool South China breeze. but what i liked best was the way it seemed to hug the last light of the day in it’s damp cotton folds / phillipa

i walk on this beach every week and every week there’s something new to see – a fresh shift in the sand, a bright new algae on the rocks, different patterns of boat waste washed in colourful strands on the shore. and today for the first time i saw the rocks below the shoreline are blue

i ate a chocolate today and left the gold wrapper on the kitchen counter in front of me. as I edited a photo of the sky taken this afternoon, i glanced the abandoned sweetpaper in the camera app viewfinder and took a shot. what a happy coincidence it was the perfect “foil”, if you will, for my candy blue sky / phillipa

kung hei fat choi – happy new year of the rooster. this image taken at the main ancestral hall of the tang clan, built nearly 700 years ago near the historic walled village of sheung cheung wai in the new territories. the sun shone all day and a northerly breeze ruffled the tails of a red silk banner at just the right moment / phillipa

Reminded again what an extraordinary city we have in Hong Kong – could retrace every millimetre of yesterday’s street shoot from Sham Shui Po to TST and never lose the wonder / phillipa

in the wake of women’s (and men’s) global protests this weekend, i’d like to quote from one placard i saw with the words of nina simone – “i tell you what freedom is to me: no fear”. so, in solidarity, let me offer up my small images to freedom

long time since i posted thanks to the flu but what better way to return than with a bay horse in a faded red halter, dusty hay bales parcelled in twine, and a gleaming leather boot and britches / phillipa

feeling faded and jaded so here’s a monday mood kind of diptych to start the week / phillipa

i’ve always said i don’t like the colour purple and yet here i find myself coming back to it again, inspired by a building exterior to turn bamboo leaves shades of lilac, and bathing an elderly lady in a moody wash of mauve / phillipa

too undone to make a proper post tonight so here’s one of the cat / phillipa

a mood dark bar and a woman in red; spectators with nowhere to go after a long-finished game; and light trails weaving mad patterns in the roads inbetween; it’s the nighttime narrative of wanchai / phillipa

they say every photograph is an experiment-so I turned this reflection of a man and his dog walking across a bridge upside down. trying something different out. it is a new year after all. have a happy, experimental 2017 / phillipa

a very merry christmas to one and all / phillipa

christmas shopping takes you to curious places – like yau ma tai, originally a ‘tanka’ fishing village, today a sprawling mess of markets, mechanical repair shops, and public housing. but above the grimy streets residential blocks from the 50s still stand proud in bright, uncompromising colours. put them together and it all makes brilliant sense / phillipa

winter beaches contain their own kind of magic, their own special light and sounds – this one often appears in my shots as people rarely come here and in hong kong, in the cooler season, almost never. my favourite kind of place / phillipa

a muted rainbow of jumpers hanging on a market stall. what else should i feel but a wave of beach fresh hair, the touch of feet on sun-warmed wood, a cat curled up on cotton folds / phillipa

something about the early morning light shining golden off king yin lei mansion – a rare gem of chinese renaissance architecture – made me think of other places and times. to me, reimagined here, it’s the “stately pleasure-dome” of samuel coleridge’s ‘kubla khan’, a poem he allegedly composed one night following an opium-induced dream about the summer palace of mongol warlord, kublai kahn / phillipa

of dragon boats and beaches, that’s what winter days are made of / phillipa

i’m a bit obsessed with these trees and stop to photograph them often – the shadows they cast, the way they filter the sun, their peeling silver bark. and those drifts of fallen fuchsia petals curling under the sun / phillipa

tracking down christmas presents took me into queen’s road east and the warren of street markets around wanchai where i got the black and white capture. found the other beauties amongst the food stalls : bold graffiti and strange fruit. yum / phillipa